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Resplendent with the splendor and style of the ancient Maharajas and Mugal emperors, India's rich sartorial heritage is making a come back to the center stage of fashion. Now, even top international designers have started to draw inspiration from classic Indian designs.

The 'Prince' or Jodhpuri coat is the Indian answer to the lounge suit or tuxedo. Its length is similar to a suit jacket. The stand up collar is the focal point of this garment. Worn with matching narrow trousers its impact can set one apart from the ordinary. Dark wool blends are normally preferred for this garment.

The sherwani is the most classic of Indian garments. It's extra long length of around 110 centimeters and its structured body makes it a stream lined garment. The collar band is 3-4 centimeters. Two inseam pockets and giant side slits are a must for this garment. The colors range from muted to dark and the best fabrics are wool blends that lend fall and finish. The sherwani is normally teamed with churidars or Aligarh pants. Brocade work is optional.
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